Industry Practices

Electric Power & Natural Gas

Our consultants provide services for new entrants, governments and merchant players to increase their capabilities and improve their performance to gain competitive advantage.

Oil & Gas

Our consultants help our clients to develop strategies and minimize risks. With the help of our consultants they are able to optimize their organization and improve their performance. Our management control solutions work for both on-shore and off-shore companies.

Public Sector

Our consultants support national, regional and local government institutions. We support them in reaching their mission to the public. We also support them regarding managerial challenges to improve efficiency and to create goal congruence.

High Tech

Our consultants help high-tech companies to innovate, improve and to create value for customers. We help high-tech companies in reaching their goal of profit maximization.

Transport & Logistics

Our consultants help transport & logistic companies in creating growth and competitive advantages. From efficient business processes to managerial challenges. Our strong foundation in transport & logistics gives us the background to conquer the most difficult challenges.


The increased spending of healthcare cannot continue. Most governments are looking for ways to increase efficiency without lowering the quality of the healthcare system. We are focused on creating a better healthcare system with better results, while lowering the costs.