Project PocketScan

Project PocketScan

Dutch Finance & Management Services supports inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses to create solutions and products that will make this world better. This is one of the projects that we have supported in the past year. It's a great project that will support companies in making quick and efficient scans.

PocketScan is the world's smallest wireless scanner – barely larger than a business card and super light. PocketScan is compact, smart, and incredibly easy to use. It’s the perfect companion for your PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet and iPhone.

Scan anything and any size – even things that don't fit in your old fashioned scanner. Powered by unique and patented real-time image processing software PocketScan allows you to create beautiful scans and magically turns text and tables into editable content.

You can use PocketScan anywhere you like in any situation! The applications are as diverse as your ideas! It's the fastest scanner at hand and always works. As easy as pressing a button, PocketScan starts the scan. Anything you scan is wirelessly transmitted and instantly displayed on the screen. Scanning feels just like painting. Thanks to its unique design and sophisticated illumination, PocketScan works even in bright sunlight or low-light environments to produce consistent, clear, and high-quality results.

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