Who We Are


Dutch Finance & Management Services is a leading consulting firm in the Netherlands. We support executives & managers in their decisions to create short- and long-term successes. We provide solutions to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

We care about our client's business strategy and have a keen interest in supporting them with our models. We evaluate the models consistently to provide our clients with the best of the best. At Dutch Finance & Management Services we deal with every organizational aspect.


Our History


In this year, we started our company. We focused on world sourcing, consultancy and custom solutions (hardware) for entrepreneurs.


In this year we cooperated with another consultancy firm to increase our market share. After cooperating on many projects, it was time to continue solely.


In this year we managed to complete many projects for our clients. Clients asked us to return for other projects after we successfully fulfilled the first one. This was a huge success for our company and a confirmation that we had chosen a successful path.


In this year we reinvented consultancy in the Netherlands. Instead of focusing on selling and asking for projects, we started to build strong relationships with our clients.


In this year we re-branded our company. We chose not to sell our products and services, but to increase our relationship with clients. If a client is in need, they will know where to find us. We do not sell, but instead serve upon request.

Job Opportunities

We attract exceptional people. We welcome invited applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

At Dutch Finance & Management Services, your talent is never wasted. We help you grow and achieve your ambitions. You will create a lasting impact on various companies by inspiring people on performance.

Teamwork is important at Dutch Finance & Management Services. We support all our teams and encourage you to achieve your personal goals. We provide mentoring to help you build your career with us.

We recruit high achievers from colleges and universities around the world.



Dutch Finance & Management Services has an environment conducive to learning and provides you the opportunity to build your career. You are supported by your teammates and challenged by mentors and clients.


You have a chance to learn fast and the opportunity to advance in a rapid rate. Each client requires a unique solution. Collaborating with our clients will help you and our client to grow when they face the challenges of the business world.


Organisations in the Netherlands trust Dutch Finance & Management Services to find solutions for their situation. We are their partners who help them transform their business. We give them advantages over their competitors and help them to increase their market share.


Consultants of Dutch Finance & Management Services have unique skills to manage the most difficult situations.

  • Observation
  • Analytical and Creative Skills
  • Communication and People Skills
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Objectivity and Independence
  • Discipline and Motivation