Proven Solutions

Perfect Choice

When you accept our services, we will analyse and assess the requirements of your company. We will then create a custom solution that is formed from the feedback of your managers. Dutch Finance & Management Services provides consultancy services to the best firms worldwide in various industries.

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Efficiency & Results


Dutch Finance & Management Services provides consultancy services that focus on core issues regarding: business strategy, operational management, emerging technologies, acquisitions and mergers. Our expertise is your resource.

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We start the process with the creation of a hypothesis. This is the beginning of finding a solution. Hypotheses are shaped by our dedicated team in order to come up with a solution that fits your company’s exact needs. We work with reportable data and measurable information.

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Business Process

Business procedures will save your business time and money by increasing efficiency. More work is done in less time while maintaining the quality needed for customer satisfaction. Segregation of duties will prevent fraud and increase the overall integrity of the company.

Toolkits & Models

Balanced Scorecard strikes a balance between financial and non-financial evaluations with the aim of cross-departmental clarity. Business Model Canvas visualises a one-page canvas. Managers can develop and analyse their approach in a visual model.

Business Strategy

The business strategy relates to a firms environment in order to successfully meet long-term objectives. As both the business environment and individual firms are dynamic systems, constantly in flux, achieving a fit between the two is an ongoing challenge.